• Christopher Warren

Success with Google Ads Arrives One Step at a Time

Google Ads can be a deep program to master.

Similar to playing a musical instrument, Google Ads will always provide new variables to grow and improve with.

Success with Google Ads isn’t just about the Google Ads Platform serving the campaign to the search engine reports page.

There are other critical components to focus on, such as the content, messaging, and the landing page or website linked to the campaign; these are all working simultaneously to provide the aggregate of the campaign.

If one is new to Ads, it can be overwhelming at first making all of its components run well and in sync.

However, the key to success with Google Ads is to work with the elements of each component, one step at a time.

In my book, “Skyrocket Google Ads”, we work one step at a time beginning with the content and messaging for a new Ads campaign. We spend time carefully reviewing the target audience for the campaign to provide the content and messaging needed to speak directly and naturally to prospective customers.

With the content and messaging of the campaign established, the ads and landing pages can work in harmony to promote the services or products of the campaign in a natural, assuring manner that makes the campaign stand out from the competition.

All these elements take time to master, but an adequate level of fluency can be attained for success by methodically working on each campaign component and then ensuring the components are well integrated.

Over the days, weeks, and months, continued tuning and optimization of the campaign will usually make for a reliable and profitable campaign.

Persistence and curiosity are our allies and will serve to keep the inspiration for continued focus on success with Google Ads.

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