• Christopher Warren

With Google Ads, That Which is Watched - Grows

Google Ads campaigns which aren’t being constantly reviewed and edited are quickly losing ground.

Many Ads campaigns are set up with great intentions and are then left under-managed or neglected until one day the hefty and ongoing Ads bill is noticed by someone in the company and the questions begin.

No one likes money going straight to cash heaven and even a fairly well-managed Google Ads campaign can be wasting hard earned marketing monies.

What makes the difference between a Google Ads campaign that's stale and sputtering or one that’s showing constant and improving results?

Weekly, monthly, and annual reporting.

Without these reports, we’re relying on assumptions and speculation, which is a dangerous thing with Google Ads. We may like our new ad creations or feel that we have winning keywords, but it’s the results that matter.

Consistent reporting builds accountability into the system. If the Google Ads manager knows that their reports are going to be reviewed and considered on a weekly basis, it naturally keeps their game up.

Additionally, trends are spotted much more quickly. It’s easy to look for data which supports our hopes and intuitions for a result, but in the end, the reports tell the story.

At the end of the day, it’s about conversion results and regular reports are one of the primary methods for ensuring consistent and improving results with Google Ads.

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