• Christopher Warren

Let’s Give Negative Keywords More Love – They Need It!

Perhaps one of the most underused tools of Google Ads is Negative Keywords.

Negative keywords can be a huge asset for improving a campaign's efficiency, but often they aren't well-implemented or updated enough.

Why aren’t negative keywords better incorporated?

It may be that negative keywords are a bit confusing, or the work just isn’t considered a priority, but they’re essential for a campaign to return a good ROI – especially for Google Ads campaigns with a high cost per click.

Let’s look at an example.

We have a fictional company focused on air conditioning installation, service, and repair for homes and businesses.

The company focuses primarily on large systems and doesn't work with window or split air conditioning systems. It also doesn't work with auto or portable air conditioning units.

Your negative keywords list could start with a short like this:







-how to

Note, this is a small starter list for an example. Some campaigns may have hundreds of

negative keywords. Watching the campaign's search terms each week will point up many more terms which can also be included in the negative keyword list.

The results?

Over time the Google Ads' campaign (or ad group) list of negative keywords will be more refined and the Ads budget better spent by weeding out keywords that aren't a fit. This will allow the opportunity to better place more ads for those who are more qualified potential customers.

Typically with a good use of Negative keywords, the click-through-rate will go up, and conversions increase because of the better ad placements and a reduction in wasted clicks, with a concurrence increase in Quality Scores which can greatly reduce click costs.

More than just efficiencies in the Ads campaign, the leads coming into the business are more qualified - saving time, energy, and money for the company.

To ensure your Google Ads and PPC campaigns are on the right track, contact Christopher here for your complimentary Google Ads account or campaign review.

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