• Christopher Warren

“Less is More” with Website Design for Mobile Devices

Updated: Aug 9

It can be a painful thing to witness – especially when it’s your own site.

Websites or landing pages designed on a desktop will often lose their luster and messaging power when they’re displayed on a mobile device.

Mobile devices load and display radically different than a desktop – especially websites designed for visual appeal on a desktop relying heavily on images, animation, and juxtaposed text to reinforce the content.

Search engine users arriving on a site are looking for a solution. They want relevant guidance or options, not gimmicks propping up weak content.

There’s an old expression, “Less is more”.

In the case of designing for mobiles, less really is more.

Successful landing pages and websites focus less on automation and glitz and more on authentic and relevant content with simple navigation and natural, user-friendly engagement.

Simplified mobile device elements also have the advantage of typically being faster to implement, easier to split test, and to optimize. A winning combination for everyone.

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