• Christopher Warren

Preparing the Buyer's Experience in Google Ads

Updated: Feb 12

Google Ads is often viewed as a magic bullet for sagging leads or sales.

However, the most well configured Google Ads campaigns will fall short if critical, fundamental elements aren’t engaged in the campaign.

1.) What are the unique differentiators with your product or services, and what are your incentives and value for engaging potential buyers?

2.) Are the differentiators and incentives communicated in a direct, natural and engaging manner that correlate to the expectations of a potential buyer searching for your products or services online?

3.) Is the messaging of the campaign's ads precisely communicating to a potential buyer searching for your products or services?

4.) Is the messaging continued from the ads onto the landing page or website page connected to them?

5.) Do the landing pages or website making it engaging and easy for the client to engage with and move forward?

6.) Is conversion tracking in place for the ads and landing pages to record all user engagements and actions?

Without a Google Ads campaign being envisioned from beginning to end with these elements, a campaign won't perform anywhere near it’s potential. Instead, Google Ads keywords and ads will be dropped straight into the middle of a process which is missing a foundation, and with outcome that's inconsistent and underperforming.

Before spending additional monies on Google Ads, it's a good practice to review the campaign from the mindset of its potential buyer’s, with an emphasis on creating the assurance and feel of the messaging and content as an obvious choice to engage with.

Importantly, we to make it simple and natural for a potential buyer to engage and with the least steps possible. With messaging and content speaking directly to a potential buyer, and the least amount of steps required for them to take action, higher conversion and lead rates will follow.

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