• Christopher Warren

Bidding on Your Own Brand or Company Name?

If you aren't bidding on your own company or brand name, start today.

Make it easy for everyone to find you!

When a potential buyer is searching for your brand or company name, it's important to be in the top of the search page's results.

Even when someone is directly searching for your name, your organic results can be lower than a competing one, or there can be confusion about which organic listing is yours.

Controlling the top of the page’s search ads with your own company or brand name will probably be your lowest cost keywords and is cheap insurance to make sure you’re easily found.

Your company's ad appearing in the top of the search page's results has three additional advantages.

First, if your website or landing page appears both at the top and in the organic results, it’s helping to control the real estate on the page. The more you control the better. You don’t want your potential customers who are coming directly to you to be distracted or confused by your competition’s shiny objects.

Second, you can customize your ads in Google Ads with new content and specials to keep your ads current with fresh marketing ideas and specials.

Third, frequently your competition is sometimes attempting to poach your own business name, and it’s critical to keep on top of them.

Bidding on your own brand or company name in Google Ads is cheap insurance for potential or returning customers to quickly find you while also keeping your competition at bay and your content fresh and focused.

To ensure your Google Ads and PPC campaigns are on the right track, contact Christopher here for your complimentary Google Ads account or campaign review.

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