• Christopher Warren

Targeted Audiences are Critical for Ads Campaigns

While we strive to maximize our campaign efficiency, we may overlook the human connection.

This morning I was on a website that was mechanically and visually perfect. You could feel the time and effort required to make the site seem seamless.

I then realized it’s not talking to a potential buyer visiting the site - it was a tell of how great the business is. It was all about the business's story instead of the customer's story.

A large chunk of time and money was spent constructing a beautiful site, along with the marketing monies for a Google Ads campaign. Yet there’s no direct messaging except “This is what we do” (And by inference, we've presented the site so well that we’re assuming you’ll be like a moth to the flame when you see this site).

It’s easy enough to organize the mechanics of the Google Ads platform for efficiency; do it enough times, and it becomes almost rote.

However, what’s frequently overlooked is messaging and content reflecting the target audience's needs, desires, and concerns while ensuring the site’s products or services feel like a natural choice in a competitive and changing world.

A campaign without well-considered messaging and content will be hard-pressed to reach its maximum efficiency if it's not tightly focused on its target audience.

The lack of focus on the campaign's messaging side will drag down the ROI of the campaign if it's missing the natural rapport and motivating considerations inviting a potential buyer or client to act.

The outcome of not having targeted messaging and content will be demonstrated in lower click rates for the ads, higher bounce rates on the websites, and increased conversion costs. It will also lead to less qualified leads because the prospective buyer or client hasn’t been adequately considered or planned for.

In my book, "In-House Training for Google Ads", I pay a lot of attention to understanding a campaign's target audience by creating a business's overall Buyer's Profile which is then tuned for the target audience of the campaign's business objective.

For greater success, let’s work harder to create content and messaging that’s speaking directly and authentically with our potential customers while also paying close attention to the campaign's technical efficiency.

To ensure your Google Ads and PPC campaigns are on the right track, contact Christopher here for your complimentary Google Ads account or campaign review.

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