• Christopher Warren

Small Changes Can Yield Massive Results With Google Ads Campaigns and Landing Pages

We’ve all shared the frustration of having everything aligned, and yet we’re not getting the response we’re looking for.

Sometimes, small adjustments will yield tremendous results.

It may be as simple as changing the text on a button from “Inquiries” to “Contact Me”. Or it may be changing a headline that reads “The Perfect Vacation Rentals in Telluride” to “Find Your Perfect Vacation Rentals in Telluride”.

Small changes can be as minor as weighting fonts differently on a landing page to better emphasize content or flow. Changing accent colors on the landing page may give a different lift or feel to a page, increasing the potential client’s trust or feel. It may be slightly changing a headline or a description to better fit the frame of mind or concerns of the potential buyer.

Even with a strong performing campaign, it’s always a good idea to continually make minor modifications to keep your ads, keywords, offers, and landing pages fresh.

I had a wonderful archaeology professor who told us most discoveries can be described as, “One day, I was walking along and saw something”.

It’s the same way with consistently applying small changes. One day, what feels like a minor maintenance modification can be a surprising discovery making a campaign jump to the next level – and the sweet smell of success.

To ensure your Google Ads and PPC campaigns are on the right track, contact Christopher here for your complimentary Google Ads account or campaign review.

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