• Christopher Warren

With Google Ads - Continuity is King

When a user clicks on the ad from an Ads campaign, they’ve typically clicked on it because it was a logical choice to help them with their search.

However, we’ve all had the experience of the ad linked to landing page not being in alignment with the ad’s promise. We either bounce off the landing page, or we start looking in vain through the site to find what the ad promised.

In either instance, this is a poor user experience. Virtually all the time and money spent to funnel the user to the landing page is wasted. More than the wasted money, the campaign's anticipated business revenue is now missing, leading to a double negative. Marketing monies were spent on the campaign, and the business received little revenue in return.

In the world of pay-per-click, continuity is King, and continuity has several kingdoms.

One kingdom is continuity with the other channels the business may be using, such as Facebook. If a business has done the heavy lifting and found messaging and content working in other channels, and it’s a fit for the Ads campaign, then it’s natural to use it to maintain cross channel continuity.

If a business doesn’t have solid messaging and content for the offering of the Ads campaign, it’s a priority to establish these before the campaign begins.

Another kingdom of continuity is the campaign's physical continuity, beginning with the ads, and continuing to the landing page.

Ads campaign continuity includes:

· Messaging

· Content

· Offer

The messaging and offer of the ad flow to the landing page. The content of the landing page develops and furthers the ads messaging and the offer.

When the the ads' messaging is continued and reflected on the landing page content, the landing page feels like a natural extension of the ads. This natural extension of the ad messaging onto the landing page is crucial for maintaining the continuity of the initial messaging while inviting the potential buyer to spend time on the page, feel assured, and act.

The offer begins in the ad, and the offer is then placed to be immediately seen on the landing page linked to the ad.

When these basic elements are in alignment, and the campaign is speaking directly with its target audience, we can expect a much higher conversion and ROI rate.

The proof is in the doing, and continuity is a major factor in creating reliable and profitable Ads campaigns. Everyone wins. The time spent upfront ensuring the campaign’s continuity usually pays huge dividends from the day the campaign launches.

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