• Christopher Warren

Conversion Tracking – The Difference Between Success and Failure with Google Ads

One of the greatest factors determining the success of a Google Ads campaign is the efficacy of the conversion tracking placed on the campaign.

There are no exceptions - a campaign without conversion tracking is doomed to chronically underperform and ultimately fail.

Why is conversion tracking so important?

Here are just some of the essential roles that conversion tracking provides:

· Google’s AI is highly dependent on conversion actions being accurately recorded for its Smart Bidding campaigns to operate with efficiency.

· It’s much easier for the account managers to see what’s working, and what’s not, with keywords, ads, and landing pages.

· Split testing can be better used to optimize performance across the campaign.

· The conversion data allows a tighter focus with content and messaging, leading to higher producing ads and landing pages.

· Conversion tracking supplies the data for an accurate ROI of the campaigns goals and to consistently record the trends for the campaign.

Those who prioritize conversion tracking being in place are more likely to have successful campaigns because they understand the need and importance of

having every action of the campaign recorded.

A campaign without conversion tracking is flying blind, and it's no fun trying to demonstrate a campaign is working when there's no data to back up the claim!

In short, those who prioritize conversion tracking will typically succeed on all levels.

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