• Christopher Warren

Should Broad Match Keywords in Google Ads be Used?

Many Ads managers don't use broad match keywords in Google Ads because they can burn a lot of money with poor results.

Most often, the Ads managers are correct to not use broad match keywords, but there can be exceptions.

Let's be clear, broad match keywords can be a blowtorch put to a pile of cash.

However, in the right conditions, they can work.

Sometimes broad match keywords can be a surprising success – but only if the campaign is very closely watched and the following steps are followed.

First, the Google Ads campaign using broad match keywords has a solid track record and has conversion tracking in place on the site. Broad match keywords going to a campaign that doesn’t have its conversion tracking in place is living dangerously.

Second, double-check the search teams for the ad group and move keywords that don't apply or are inefficient for the business into “negative” keywords. Negative keywords are essential for eliminating poorly converting and wasteful keywords.

Third, be sure the ad group is watched a minimum of 3 times a week to catch any keyword runaways.

Fourth, make it a broad match term, never a single keyword. Use at least a 2-3 word term to better narrow the search results.

Fifth, try various aspects of the same phrase. For instance, let’s say a business sells used cars in Denver. Here are three alternatives for your broad match Google Ads keywords:

Used cars Denver

Second-hand cars Denver

Pre-owned cars Denver

Try one broad match keyword at a time and keep the bids low.

You may have a pleasant surprise how one or two of the search terms may return immediate results with a low conversion cost.

Broad match can work well, but broad match keywords can’t be left alone! A broad match keyword term may produce great results at first and then stop producing with the same efficiency it was in the beginning. So watch these carefully!

To ensure your Google Ads and PPC campaigns are on the right track, contact Christopher here for your complimentary Google Ads account or campaign review.

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