We are Living in

Unusual Times

Succeeding with Google Ads in Times of Epic Change 

Remember not so long ago when 2020 was going to be another great year?

Then the virus appeared and our lives morphed into a sudden alteration of reality.

In the relatively brief time the virus has been affecting our lives, many of our cultural perceptions have been altered.

One of the shifts in our perceptions involves marketing and communications. We have potent new "smell tests" for what feels authentic and relevant. 


Marketing that's not speaking with authenticity, relevancy, and timeliness with its target audience can convey as distrustful, and unworthy of our time.


While clear and focused messaging and content have always been critical for success with Google Ads, they've never been more important.


On the technical side, Ad Manager, and the Ads Platform require updated tactics to keep our campaigns operating with a reliable and efficient baseline.  


What hasn't changed during these COVID times is that preparing and integrate a successful Ads campaign includes many levels throughout the campaign. 

Successful campaigns require a healthy integration of both creative marketing practices and Google Ads' technical elements throughout the campaign.

The integration of the creative and technical sides of Ads campaigns has long been a passion of mine, and I've written about it in my book "Skyrocket Google Ads". 

All levels of experience with Google Ads will enjoy its fresh insights and invaluable guidance for creating and optimizing successful Ads campaigns.

For those Desiring New Levels of Success with Their

Ads Campaigns, There Are Now Two Options.

Option One - Purchase “Skyrocket Google Ads”

I've been using Google Ads and Adwords since 2008. Skyrocket Google Ads is written to be a user-friendly guide and playbook for creating consistent and profitable Google Ads search campaigns.












Easy to follow, it covers every step of a Google Ads campaign creation from start to finish. Minimal jargon, maximum results.


The book is also highly effective for optimizing existing Ads search campaigns.


Link here for more about the book and to purchase on Amazon.

Skyrocket Google Ads Training Guide Sept

Option Two - Speak with me about optimizing your current Ads campaigns,

or creating successful new campaigns.


An underperforming or failing Google Ads campaign burns money like a bonfire.


Often a campaign may be updated to perform well with minor adjustments. Other times it may require extensive overhauling.

I'll quickly determine what’s working, what’s not, and outline a plan for your campaigns to make money, instead of burn money.

Contact me for more information about my free Google Ads campaign reviews.

"The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself." Peter Drucker

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